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Hello and welcome to Gentle Warrior. My name is Sarah.

Since childhood I have always had a huge desire to support and care for people and this lead me into training and working as a nurse for the NHS.

I have always held a curiosity and interest for holistic therapies. I have practised different styles of yoga for many years, through my own personal journey I discovered the advantages that Yoga, Massage and Meditation have on my mental and physical health.

Three years ago I started retraining in holistic therapies, last year I became the only Forrest yoga teacher in Lancashire. I chose to train in Forrest yoga as I felt the combination of BREATH, INTEGRITY, STRENGTH  and SPIRIT had supported me best physically and mentally and I wanted to offer this teaching to others. So I created Gentle Warrior offering Yoga and Holistic therapies in the Caton, Lune Valley and Lancaster area.

I have had the pleasure of working with some incredible teachers during the last 8 years from around the world. I am constantly working on my own practice, moving deeply into my own emotional healing which allows me to work from a more embodied place, offering my clients a safe, supported and held space to work on themselves. 

I became a warrior when I turned towards myself.
And started listening.


Gentle Warrior offers Forrest Yoga classes, one-to-one sessions, private classes and holistic treatments in the Lancaster, Caton and Lune Valley area.

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