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Neck and Shoulder Releasing Video

In the last 7 weeks it is safe to say that our world has been completely turned upside down. We find ourselves both living, working and educating our children from home. In this unprecedented situation, life as we know it has changed and we have adapted as best as we can in a time of extreme crisis. As time moves on and lock-down continues however the toll of that stress, worry and fear can start to have a negative impact on the body. I have created this short 20 minute video which can be done sat on a chair as way offer a bit of time for you even if its just a short break away from your work. Giving ourselves time to reconnect with the body and breathe particularity during times of stress in essential. Deep breathing helps move us from fight for flight response into rest and digest ( sympathetic to parasympathetic nervous system.) gentle release of neck and shoulders can relieve tensions in the neck which can aid deeper more effective breathing. Active feet and feeling the ground , taking our shoes off to connect has a very powerful effect.

"When we get fearful, we get caught up in our chests, neck, and jaw. Keeping your feet active makes the energy travel down to some of the biggest bones and muscles and makes you grounded and rooted. When your feet are active you cant space out- it takes conscious volition to keep them that way" Ana T Forrest Fierce Medicine.

As none of us know how long we will have to continue to live this way it is important that we look after ourselves our physical and mental well-being as much as we can, I hope this video will help support you.



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