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End of 2020 Meditation

There is no doubt that 2020 has pushed us as a global nation in ways we have never been pushed before. While we could run ahead into 2021 wanting to leave the past year behind us wishing for something better, it is good to spend some time reflecting on what this year has brought up for us and what we have learned. We cannot say what will happen in 2021 but as we start to move towards the end of the year, I ask you to consider spending a bit of time with this exercise to give you a little guideline of what you intend for yourself in the upcoming year ahead, and how you will start to build your self-reliance and resilience for the next year.

You will need a pen and paper.

Sit in a comfortable seated postion, try to give your self some space and quiet. Do whatever feels right for you to come into your own space. For example Light a candle, open a window , put on some gentle music or go into nature and sit with the trees on the ground.

Close your eyes or simply gaze at the ground.

Take a few sighs

Start to connect to your breathing, noticing your rib cage expanding on your inhale -

noticing your rib cage contracting on your exhale.

Concentrate on your breathing for a few minutes.

Now become aware of your sit bones on your chair or on the ground, really connect with the base of your spine, notice your feet, spread your toes, bring your attention there. Keep focussing on your breathing.

Bring your attention now into your centre just above your belly button. Breathe here, notice how your belly feels is soft or hard?

Take a sigh here.

Now taking your pen and paper, read the list below and answer each question with the first answer that come into your head - be honest with yourself. After each question return to your breathing and connection to your centre before you answer the next.

  1. How am I feeling right now?

  2. What has made me angry this year?

  3. What has made me sad this year?

  4. What has made me happy this year?

  5. What is the biggest thing I have learned about myself this year?

  6. What is my deepest regret of this year?

  7. Where have I been challenged most this year?

  8. What has been biggest change for me this year?

  9. What do I want to let go of this year not bring into 2021?

  10. What 3 things will I do differently next year from this year because of my answers above?

Take a look at your list and then reconnect to your breathing - take a sigh and then reconnect to your centre. Have you been completly honest with yourself? Has there been something that popped up that you didn't write down? Breath into your centre and write down anything else that comes up for you.

Gently lay your list down, take a moment in your stillness to thank and appreciate this time you gave to yourself connecting with your own wisdom, and then gently open your eyes.

Look at your list as your guide for moving into the next year - keep it with you.

All my love, Sarah

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