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Emerging into Summer

Summer which is traditionally a time for joy, action and expression. However this June I feel it is as if we are waking up from a horrible nightmare that has encompassed us all. The world that we knew back in the winter time has disappeared and it is almost as though we are entering a different part of the same dream.

Business are beginning to reopen, some children are returning to school. Some people are returning to work and other are taking their first footsteps out of their home to see loved ones they have not seen for months. There maybe fear of returning to work, of new rules, legislation put in place or just fear of going outside at all.

How do we give ourselves time to really feel into the effects of this for ourselves and for our children? Some of us might like to put the last few months behind them grateful for the new, others might feel completely devastated and broken and they feel that this is not something they can do. This experience is different for each of us and a one size fits all approach will not work to allow for the reflecting of that. M

y Forrest teacher is always speaking to us about the need for space within our difference and I feel this time more than ever that is so very true. Showing each other compassion and giving each other room for our difference at this time.

So I guess my question for June is what now? How can we move through this change and still feel grounded so that we are not just moving in a dream like state through this but are present in our bodies to this experience. For me this has been about connecting with my root chakra,my base chakra. Connecting with the Earth, Active feet. Yoga and meditation practice. " Our ground is our root -for which which this chakra is named. Though our roots we gain nourishment , power, stability and growth. Without this connection we are separated from nature, from our source. Cut off, we are easily manipulated. When we are grounded we are low, humble and close to the Earth. Resting on the ground we have a sense of inner security because we cannot fall. "Judith Anodea Wheels of life.

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