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7.30 - 9.00pm 


7.00 - 8.30pm


£9 - single drop-in class
£32 - 4 week block

Bookings are refundable for drop-in payments up to 24 hours before the class.
Blocks bookings are non refundable.


Each week I make a recording of the class I am teaching if you are finding it difficult to attend the class this is a great way not to miss your regular practice. This 60 minute recording is available for 1 week via you tube. Friday through to Friday.

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Price £9


Saturday 13th of June 

Discovering yourself on a Journey Through the Chakras 

This workshop will involve:

Forrest yoga ceremony

Story telling


1.5hour yoga practice

The Chakras are wheels of Energy or Light  a vortex which creates a gathering point of energy. However they are also physical centers of the body. Each Chakra is situated along the nervous system for example the 3rd Chakra at the Solar  Plexus situated at the Celiac plexus. Each Chakra also corresponds to a point in our endocrine system. For example the 2nd Chakra is the Chakra of relationships and is connected with the sexual organs. Yoga is always teaching us to find balance , when the body is out of balance it can show signs of dis ease physically or emotionally Understanding how the Chakras work can give insight to try to stay in balance . The Chakra system is vast and there is so much involved. This workshop offer an introduction, using the modalities above to explore into your body.


£25 Investment

Booking are refundable up to 48 hours before workshop starts.

Sarah is the best instructor I have had the pleasure to be taught by. Very considerate approach in terms of the personal boundaries of her pupils. Her class is in no way competitive... She obviously takes pleasure in providing a warm, ambient & nurturing atmosphere for her pupils.

| Kirsty Critchley |

Walking the brave hearted path means vowing to stop making decisions based in fear and work with a warriors heart.  Plant your feet when you feel that energy coming up, take a moment and ask "what is the most healing response that will bring me to a resolution I can be proud of?"


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